Be the one and Shine

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Abraham Lincoln-

The Little Art invites you to become our Ambassador, to support our mission to change lives of thousands of children and young people through arts education in Pakistan

Through our various projects, The Little Art have worked with nearly 1,52,000 children and young people across Pakistan while providing safe, entertaining and educational learning opportunities. We invite you to be a part of the team, and support unique arts education projects for children and young people in Pakistan.

There are three types of Ambassadors, and they can be from Pakistan and abroad.

  • Child Ambassadors
  • Youth Ambassadors
  • Professional Ambassadors

Your contribution is important so that our future generations are aesthetically powerful and more creative, open towards new ideas and can embrace challenges in their future lives.

If you are a student, it is important for you to polish your leadership skills and stand out, while serving our community.

Benefits for Students

The Little Art Ambassadors will be a part of The Little Art family, and role models to other fellow students, while taking a leadership role in their community, school, college or university.

Moreover, The Ambassadors will have the following benefits;

  • A leading role as representative of The Little Art in their school/college/community
  • Offers of capacity building workshops to enhance their confidence and leadership skills
  • Part of the innovative arts based projects and having a voice
  • An official letter to honor the contribution

The Little Art will select Ambassadors for 1 year.


Promote The Little Art and its objectives
Among your social circles and friends, promote the organization and the reason its stands

Social media activism
Dedicate couple of hours a week to promote The Little Art, tweet about its work and interact on our Facebook page, write blogs and pool in ideas for social media activism

Support projects with work in office hours
Depending on the availability and time, Ambassadors assist the Office (based in Lahore) with projects

General coordination for projects
Each project will be shared with you when announced, coordinate in your school / college / university / community with the means possible.

Advocacy for the rights of the child
Children and young people are at the center of what we stand for, and their rights as human being shall be recognized. Ambassadors will not only enlighten themselves about child rights, and also promote it among peers.

Encourage others to volunteer
Your friends shall also volunteer for the causes that inspire them, and Ambassadors shall encourage them to join The Little Art or volunteer for any other cause or organization.

Donations and Fundraising
Ambassadors shall be able to help in raising funds for projects where we work with marginalized, street and special children and young people

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