Art Aesthetics & Appreciation Workshop at ArtBeat Lahore

The Little Art arranged for a visit of Rising Stars Primary School to attend an “Art Aesthetics & Appreciation Workshop” at ArtBeat Lahore Exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery, The Mall, Lahore.

The school children were ecstatic as it was there first time ever to visit a gallery exhibition. And that too one that showcases children like themselves!

Check out some highlights from their day out at the exhibition in Alhamra.

Team member, Sahar Ahmad conducted an art appreciation and Visual thinking strategies session with the children with a series of dialogue with students of different age groups.

Sameer, Age 13 “The first time I saw some of these paintings, I thought they weren’t that special, but the more time and attention I paid to them I started to notice really interesting ideas”

Shiza, Age 10 ” I really love the techniques some kids have used and by looking closely I can tell how the paint brush was used to paint a flower. Even simple lines can make a great painting!”

Awais, Age 9: “I really like the paintings which show the message of keeping our streets clean, it’s really important to keep our country clean and beautiful”.

After the session the students were given questions and guidelines and were asked to discuss the art works with their peers in groups. They explored narratives and meanings from different artworks. The students went back motivated and eagerly waiting for the next ArtBeat competition announcement.

Check out the images from the Exhibition Opening in Lahore;

Lahore Exhibition

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