ArtBeat Meet and Greet Event 29th April 2017

Art Beat is a national child art competition, organized by The Little Art, in which every year a huge number of participants submit their visual arts which are then exhibited in different art galleries.  On the 29th of April The Little Art arranged an ArtBeat Meet and Greet Event. The event was attended by renowned practicing Artists, Arts Educators and teachers.

Art Beat has successfully completed six years and with every passing year, it kept on expanding, getting bigger and better every year. The purpose behind organizing the event was that Art Beat has now entered into its seventh year and The Little Art wanted to share the successes and challenges of ArtBeat with the stakeholders and Artist community. In the event, a video was played giving glimpses of previous Art Beat competitions to provide the audience a look into the past to seek their suggestions about the way forward.

The event was hosted by Awais Shafiq and Sahar Ahmed, who welcomed the honorable guests. Following with an address by Shoaib Iqbal, founder of The Little Art, in which he gave the preview of ArtBeat, highlighting the successes and achievements of the previous editions. Shoaib also thanked the audience for taking time out of their busy schedules for the event.

Before the discussion of ideas for the theme, R.M. Naeem, Senior Artist expressed his thoughts about the impact and diversity of ArtBeat.  After which the audience was divided into two groups and both were asked to discuss their ideas about the theme, opportunities and suggestions about the ArtBeat and what role they can play in it.

Both groups, then presented their ideas about the next year’s ArtBeat theme and reached to a mutual decision about the theme out of them. The decided Art Beat theme will be revealed to the general public after the launch of the 7th edition of ArtBeat.


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