The Little Art’s Annual Retreat

The Little Art team retreat officially began on Sunday, 2nd December, when the team members left for Murree with a very motivated mindset. The mornings at Lockwood Hotel were a whole different start to the day than what we go through in routine. Clear blue sky welcomed us graciously and all the team members filled themselves up with delicious breakfast in the main dining hall. The agenda meetings started at 9am sharp, with Shoaib Iqbal, founder of The Little Art, presenting the agenda of the day, expectations and goals including several team building activities. Every member of the team got a chance to present their ideas and give their input. Sharing ideas and debating on them is an important part in team meetings and helps develop a better understanding of work and of each other. The discussions cleared out a lot of uncertainties that were clouded before the retreat.

One of the activities planned for the meeting was a SWOT analysis that every team member had to conduct of their own personality. This particular exercise helped the team to uncover different weaknesses and threats that have created a hindrance in the past for them, as well as strengths and opportunities that could be strengthened further to overcome any challenges that they might face in the future. A frequent reminder and discussion of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses is a good sign and helps to know where the organization stands in terms of their work, mission and vision.

The team also discussed organizational values and what more could be done to bring new reforms. The team was also joined by Mr. Saadat Ali from the Embassy of Netherlands, who talked about his expectations from the project and the results that the embassy hoped to see. The team also lit up a bonfire two of the nights to enjoy the cold weather that the hill station so proudly presented to the little earthlings residing on its land. Circled around the fire, this opportunity was a welcomed addition by the team as they shared their life experiences with each other.

The team had also planned to explore the pipeline trek in Ayubia National Park. Spending full days in meeting room with colleagues and talking is fine, but walking together is also important and has its own blessings, thus we all marched along the mountains with nothing but peace and laughter surrounding us. The members also did the mountain echo test which turned out to be a reminder of what the mighty nature is capable of and the wonders it held.

Bidding farewell to the lovely place that gave us many memories to cherish was a little gloomier, nonetheless the lessons learnt and the targets accomplished made the retreat a successful achievement for The Little Art.

The Little Art team went off to Murree for a week and had a series of residency meetings and retreat.#TLAORG

Posted by The Little Art on Tuesday, December 18, 2018




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