The Open Art Open Studio at Faiz Festival 2018

The Little Art in partnership with Faiz Festival organized an Open Art Studio for children to engage in basic art activities. The team provided the children with colors, canvas and sheets to draw on them and explore their creativity. The entire setup was arranged outside Hall 3 of Alhamra where the parents visited from time to time to see their children engaged in the activity. We had a massive turnout with both children and parents enjoying the artistic environment.

The Little Art team also provided the audience with a chance to explore Virtual Reality. This, too, was a huge attraction for the visitors who excitedly waited for their turn to explore the heritage of Lahore through VR. The Virtual Reality experience showed a 3D view of Alamgir Gate and Sunehri Masjid that truly wowed the participant. They would walk through the corridors of the beautifully constructed Sunehri Masjid in Peshawar and view the finest details of its stunning architecture. They also walked around the Alamgir Gate and experience the ambiance of the Lahore fort. The VR experience was accompanied by a very informative narration which was applauded by the participant in terms of its quality and information.

As the children completed their artworks, they were displayed around for everyone to see. This not only motivated more children to join in but also increased their confidence in expressing through art. The Open Art Studio turned out to be a success and The Little Art plans to continue this activity in the years to come.



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