Camera Kahani – Visual Storytelling Through Photography Workshop

The Little Art spent a week full of excitement and learning at the Gopal Nagar Girls Middle School in Lahore this summer in June 2015. With over 64 girls, together we explored the concepts of peace, co-existence and diversity through photography. With some guidance and mentoring by the trainers the girls framed subjects and issues that were important to them.

In addition to learning basics in composition, light and perspectives, the girls learnt that meaningful photos with stories have the power to touch people, connect with other people and that each person is unique in their perspective and everyone perceives issues in their life differently.

I really enjoyed the week learning how to take photos and narrate stories about them. I learnt that we don’t need to have same ideas in order to be friends, we all look at the same things so differently and that’s ok.

Nimra, Grade 8
Gopal Nagar Girls Middle School

Stories by the students

The Workshop

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