LAHORE: Little Art launched the Children’s Performing Arts Festival at the Ali Institute of Education on Wednesday with a showing of the Ac

cidental Death of an Anarchist by the Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town.

The performance was a fast-talking comedy adaptation of the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo’s classic play. The quick-witted main character, Maniac, infiltrates a police station and cons his way into a position as a judge investigating the murder of an anarchist. The play was very well-received.

Organisers said the three-day festival aims to promote inclusiveness by bringing children from all socio-economic backgrounds together on one stage. “We’re looking to provide an alternative platform for expression,” said organiser Shaigan Azhar.

LGS Johar Town boys stage classic play on first night

LGS Johar Town boys stage classic play on first night

He said that Little Art had collaborated with shelter homes such as Pahchaan and Group Development to give children from poor backgrounds a chance to perform. He said that the last day would include the two plays by the organisations. Azhar said that the festival would also feature students from schools sponsored by Rising Sun and SOS.

“This is the first time we’ve worked with homeless kids. We had to devise strategies and workshops to help them prepare for this festival,” said Azhar. Festival director Shoaib Iqbal said people of all social classes and incomes needed to express themselves and the festival sought to give children this opportunity.

“Whether rich or poor, you need to interact with society regardless of class. You can’t ignore people,” said Anushey Raza, an A-level student in the audience. “This event will give the performers confidence and self-awareness.”

Originally published by The Express Tribune

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