Children’s Media Network Conference – December 15th-20th 2014, Lahore

Project brief

“Media Programs for Children in Pakistan” –The project is initiated by The Little Art with a vision to promote Children Programs in Media. Through this project we aim to carry out the research on the need of children’s programming in Pakistan, to create a network of media professionals who will in future become part of the children’s media network and to conduct a workshop conference for the purpose of discussing the current media landscape and strategies for implementing creative ideas for children’s programming in Pakistan.

The Little Art is a registered non-profit arts education organization. Each year we organize the “Lahore International Children’s Film Festival”, the first of it’s kind in Pakistan which carries a mission to promote media literacy amongst the youth. We also conduct a number of workshops engaging children in different creative mediums for learning.

Children are one of the major factors of our society; it is a large audience that has little or no access to quality content in media through print, radio and television programs. By this project we aim to create awareness, policy advocacy and facilitate communities to enhance their resilience and adaptability through linking-up and interchange between relevant Pakistani executives active in children’s program productions.

The Little Art in partnership with the Deutsche Welle Akademie is organizing a Children’s Media Conference. Through this conference we aim to carry out the research on the need of children’s programming in Pakistan and to create a network of media professionals who wish to produce meaningful content for children.
We are inviting prominent journalists, reporters and media executives to attend our first round table conference (15th – 20th December, 2014) in Lahore.

We would require your participation to attend a 2 day session according to your specified Group.

Group A: Media editors, journalists and experts, research students (15th-16th December, 2014)
Group B: Media advertising sector managers, mid level representatives of advertising agencies, media planners, editors and experts. (17th-18th December, 2014)
Group C: Media executives, policy makers, executive producers, directors, chief editors. (19th-20th December, 2014)

The objectives and discussion topics which will be covered through the workshop/conference are:

  • The state of children’s media in Pakistan
  • Pakistani Media – Challenges and Opportunities for Children’s Programming
  • Analysis of the feasibility of future children’s programs in Pakistan Media
  • Media ethics in the perspective of children and young people& Infantine development stages with age-appropriate visualization
  • Presentation of international best practice examples concerning children’s media programs.
  • Realization of a networking platform for media executives, providing all relevant resources and information on children’s programs.
  • Creating a platform for experts and activists to provide their input.
  • Develop strategies for implementation of children’s programs in Pakistani media

Professionals who may be interested in participating in attending the conference are requested to register by filling out a form.
Your interest and support in promoting Children’s Media Project for Pakistani children and young people is greatly appreciated.

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