Cinepax Cinema is hosting the International Children’s Film Festival in twin cities here on Monday to endow-with unusual learning opportunities to kids in Pakistan and set up arts as a more constructive acquaintance to children and young people.

The festival is organised by The Little Art in collaboration with Rose Petal Lahore International Children’s Film Festival. The Little Art, which was start in 2008, as nonprofit organization and now determined to teach children on the significance of harmonization
and peace through creativity.

They have a unique slogan which caters to expose today’s children to the vast and diverse cultures around the world and especially cultivate principles of open-mindedness and harmony amongst each another while to promote art as an imperative and foremost
learning tool for children around the country.

The film carnival is scheduled to present total 77 films from 26 countries across the world. An independent body, the international submission call and festival organizers have received nearly 400 films from all over the world and selected best/ appropriate
for children and young people in Pakistan.

The Lahore International Children’s Film Festival has so far organized and screened almost 350 films in 35 countries across the world and every major city in Pakistan. The most recent Gilgit Baltistan- Lahore events were stupendously applauded by various
intellectuals of the country where 35,000 children have attended the festivals.

Festival Director Shoaib Iqbal also said in a statement, “The festival is becoming synonymous … [with] cultivating the young hearts and minds destined to become our future leaders. And we are proud to lead the innovation in arts education in Pakistan.”
This film festival will continue until November 4th 2011.

Originally published by NewsPakistan

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