CutPutli – Art of Puppetry for Children

Do you remember the times from childhood when we used to spend our times creating wonderful things, imagining ourselves in different characters and telling stories? We would love to rewind and relive those moments and take out some time to share the story of Cutputli with you.

It is always very important for us as to create prospects for children that nurture their creativity and imagination. To truly achieve this we explored how children could be involved in self learning and gain confidence in the process. After a year of valuable insights and considerable research and even fun experiments we created “Cutputli”- A Puppet Making kit for kids.

Why Puppetry?

Puppetry requires encountering and experiencing many art forms, including dramatic play which in turn enhances the learning experience amongst children. Children engage many senses in the process and also learn basic life-skills through this art form which include: self-awareness, role-playing, problem solving and team work to name a few.

Our team of art educationists, psychologists and puppeteers together created an easy instructional manual in Urdu & English with a fun toolkit which includes accessible materials. It uses colorful imagery and every single piece of work that it represents is original. Just like every project of The Little Art, Cutputli not only connects to children but also to teachers and parents who can benefit from it as an educational aid while teaching concepts through fun characters.

We are extremely thrilled to be venturing into puppetry for the first time and through Cutputli we hope to be seeing a culture where local and original stories are created by children themselves.

Cutputli is a project by The Little Art which has produced a puppet making manual and tool kit developed on the idea of the importance of play in the social development of children’s lives.

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