LAHORE: Over 50 films for children of different age groups screened at the 6th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival received overwhelming response from audiences – both children and elders – on the second consecutive day of the festival on Tuesday.
Films for children from 4 to 13 years of age are being screened at Cinepax Cinema whereas films for all age groups are being screened at Faiz Ghar.
Students from 10 city schools, including Bloomfield Hall School, Johar Town Campus, The Educators, Defence Campus, Bloomfield Hall School, Gulberg Campus, Salamat Girls School, Gulberg Campus, Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore Grammar School, Main Campus, LACAS Canal-side Campus and Army Public School, visited the festival on Tuesday where films from different countries, including United States, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Japan, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Bosnia, India and Ethiopia were screened.
Numbers like ‘Koyaa Flower’, ‘Caterpillars’, ‘The Dance of Mr Latour’, ‘Dear November Boy’, ‘The Gallant Captain’, ‘Mira’s Night’, ‘One Man’, ‘Eight Cameras’, ‘Cartoon Away’, ‘How to train your Dragon’ and ‘Youth of Pakistan’ were prominent among those films which were shown on the second day.
Talking to Daily Times, Festival Director Shoaib Iqbal said: “Children are one of the major representatives of our society; it is a large audience that has little or no access to quality content in the media through print, radio and television programmes. Through our projects in media literacy, specifically from this festival, we aim to create awareness, policy advocacy and facilitate communities to enhance their understanding of media literacy.”
Shoaib, who happens to be the founder of The Little Art, went on to say that children become critical when they view sensitive and meaningful content. As an illustration of cognitive development, he said, they are able to process complex ideas; they can make sense of issues and experiences and as a result, they are capable in connecting the dots to form more opinions and viewpoints, which is a sign of creativity.
A schoolteacher, who attended the film festival along with students, told Daily Times that when children are engaged in practice of watching and creating films, they learn the processes related to filmmaking; they identify the resources needed in order to materialise their ideas and develop strong stories. She said that they also gain knowledge of various skills that are needed in this connection and as a result, experience the adventurous journey into the exciting medium of film.

Originally Published Daily Times

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