KARACHI: One of the biggest children’s festivals, the Karachi International Children Film Festival (KICFF), organised annually by The Little Art and Teacher’s Resource Centre in Pakistan, marked its fifth year at Ocean Mall in Karachi on Tuesday.

The KICFF is a sister festival of the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival. The event is specially organised for children to help them see the world through a positive note.

“We have seen so much progress in every field but sadly our children are ignored in the race of entertainment,” said the Little Art programmes manager Omar Ejaz.

The festival showcased 56 motion pictures, selected from many entries sent in from 22 countries. The films were divided into three different age categories of four to seven years, eight to 12 years and children of more than 13 years. The categories were made so that the children can foster new ideas according to their strengths and mental capabilities.

Talking about the importance of such events, Ayesha, a teacher from Head Start School said, “The stories were short and informative that elaborates the importance of education, manners and happiness among children.”

The festival showcased movies from US, Canada, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, France, and Czech Republic, which helped the children to see various colours of their cultures. “The children were so amused when they heard about this event at school,” said Imran, a teacher at the Beaconhouse School System, adding that events like these will make children interested in filmmaking and animation. “Kids feel so amused with every movie they watch,” said Aysha, a volunteer at the event who was seen engaged with the children. A young boy named Hamza expressed his thoughts about the films, saying that although he loves adventure films, these movies were different from fighting and hatred.

“When my mother asked me what I want to become when I grow up, I told her that I am too young to think about such stuff but now I will tell her that I will make movies,” said an exciting 10-year-old Ali.

Published in The Express Tribune

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