In 1954, United Nation General Assembly recommended that all countries institute the “Universal Children Day” to promote the welfare of the child and protect their basic rights without any discrimination. On 20th November the UN Assembly adopted the declaration of the rights of the child.

To commemorate this day, The Little Art organized the European Union’s National ChildRight Arts Festival 2011. The festival was an expression of celebration to respect and acknowledge the right of every child, locally and worldwide. The festival provided children from all walks of life an opportunity and a platform to express themselves, and celebrate the “Universal Child Rights Day” through the medium of arts.

The festival was held over four days in Islamabad that included theater and dance performances, puppet shows, an art exhibition and a seminar all themed on the convention on the rights of the child.

Child Sexual and Mental Abuse
Law against Violence and Exploitation
Right of Basic Education
Child Labor
Child’s Right to express and develop creative skills for freedom
Right of Identity
Importance of Education
Rights and Responsibilities
Health and Hygiene


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