ISLAMABAD: The preservation of environment is what 80 art pieces by children from 49 schools highlight. These pieces went up on display here on Tuesday.

“Art Beat”, the three-day exhibition, has been arranged by The Little Art, an NGO. The exhibition is part of a project “Art Beat — National Child Art Exhibitions and Workshops”, which aims to use arts as a means to raise awareness about social justice and environmental issues among children and young people.

In the exhibition, the participants have highlighted issues pertaining to health, hygiene, water, air, earth, climate change and energy.

More than 3,000 works were submitted by students. These submissions were vetted by a jury of senior artists, who selected the best works to display in art galleries in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and abroad, according to Shoaib Iqbal, Director of the Little Art.

Students whose works were put up were awarded with shields and certificates as a recognition of their artistic endeavours.

The Little Art, according to its charter, promotes art education and creative learning opportunities among children and young people.

It overlooks projects in various art forms like film, theatre, visual arts and puppetry to engage children from all sections of the society.

The show will continue till May 24.

Originally Published by Express Tribune

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