We are excited for the season, to host annual LICFF 2012 in Lahore, and then take it to 6 cities across Pakistan.

Nothing smells better than monsoon washing my beautiful Lahore! But what does make it all the more exciting is the buzz of LICFF 2012!! Yes fellow Artaholics, the Festival is here!!

Now it may not be every ‘grown up’s cup of tea, but it marks the most amazing time of the year for hundreds and thousands of children who’ve been a part of the festival for three times already, and just can’t wait for it to unfold 4th time! And guess what? It is travelling to …….wait for it……. SIX cities this year!

LICFF began with a mission to make children media more readily available to our kids who hardly have any social activity planned around their interests. The Little Art , the mastermind behind the festival, is comprised of some crazed antics who’ve kept the inner kid alive.. hence the idea.. and a knack for gummybears.. but let’s stay focused here.

So, what so special in putting up a bunch of mini films together, screen them and re-screen them, and re-re-screen them so that it is an amalgamation of conscious and fun…….well, exactly that! The process of refining kid cinema and allowing the children to adapt to a more interactive form of learning is a good enough reason to think LICFF is a one of a kind project.

While the TLA headquarter is up to brim with activity, paints, mascots, volunteers, and the whole drama of an event on our heads, we could just hope it brings a smile big enough to light the world on everyone’s faces when you come join us this 17th Sept!!!

p.s. Don’t forget to go through the schedule and spread the word!

Stay chirpy!


Team TLA

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