Youth Forum – Lahore Biennale 01

Run by the Lahore Biennale, the Youth Forum is a series of workshops and tours designed by Mrs. Ayesha Nabi and spearheaded with the team from LBF, Global Shapers and The Little Art with generous support from Beaconhouse School System and Lahore Grammar School. These series of workshops and tours will acquaint children from ages 8 to 16 with the Biennale, its history and renowned names of the Pakistan art discipline.

Along with this, these children will be run through a series of workshops with our trainers where they will learn to think and be able to create with their own hands; pieces of art. This entire program has been designed to inspire children towards creative thinking and artistic practices. Our specialized trainers will be imparting on these children, mind stimulating, real life skills that can be honed and developed into rewarding hobbies or even full time vocations.

There is no fee to attend the workshop and you can register your kids using this link:

– Art of Storytelling with Sonya Rehman
– Kite-making with Haseeb ur Rehman
– Calligraphy with Qanber Ali Shah
– Science Workshop with Science Fuse
– Origami Workshop with RemTem
– Truck Art with Mahad Ali Shah



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