A Decade of Celebrating Education
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The Little Art's Newsletter

A journey that was started 10 years ago, inspired by passion to open up the minds and hearts of our children and young people, to help them to understand the world they live in, to challenge them with ideas for which others might say they can't understand because they are "children", to let them express what they feel, make them sit on the wings of stories and enjoy the flights of imagination, open up the eyes of their hearts to relate to each other and start thinking to lead the world for good.

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From the times when it all started, we created a meaningful success in the first two years with International Children’s Film Festival, resisted the challenges to continue the Festival for the benefit of Pakistani children. Children's Film Festival became Lahore International Children's Film Festival, and it was then, when TLA was born as a legal entity to deal with an ambitious bunch of people working voluntarily who believed in the mission. We expanded our projects in various art forms against many odds, only with the support of friends who believed in us. It seems like a long journey that passed by in a snap, and hard to believe that we have come this far.

Today, we wear the 10 years of credible work as a badge of honour, which is given to us by the thousands of children who benefited through our programs across Pakistan. This year marks the 10 years of The Little Art. To celebrate our joy, we will be remembering some of the moments and projects from the past, along with the people who made it all possible.

With the hope, that our audiences and friends will keep on doing so, here is to 10 more for the future!!

Love, The Little Art Team!

We have engaged 514,395 audiences in past 10 years. That is half a million people that includes children, youth, families, teachers, artists and public.

It happened through 56 Festivals and major events in urban and rural areas, workshops that we have run for teachers and community and worked with about 3,221 schools and organisations. More than 60,000 speacial, marginalised and street children were also engaged and benefitted.

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We are thankful to families, teachers and schools for trusting us. 

We are also thankful to all our partners and sponsors, speacially Government of Punjab, Centre for Culture and Development Denmark, Japan Fund for Development, USAID, European Union, British Council, UNESCO, Dautsche Well, Cinepax, Teacher's Resource Centre for partnering with us.

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