“Once Upon a Film” – Filmmaking Workshops at Roots School System

Our film development program “Once Upon a Film” includes an intensive filmmaking workshop that helps beginners to develop self-confidence and critical thinking skills whilst simultaneously fostering creative expression and collaboration in a fun environment. In this workshop, conducted on 25th and 26th March with children of age 13 to 18 year olds in GT Road, DHA-1, Scheme III and 93 Harley Street, Rawalpindi branches, children explored and understand the basics of art and technique of filmmaking. They made a short film and actively participate in all the aspects of filmmaking. Children identified their own stories and executed it aesthetically and technically to have a film as an end result. After the completion of this 2-day workshop, children saw themselves how any director, as young as they are but with a passion for film, can effectively plan and shoot a wonderful short film.

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