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    Aaron Haroon Rashid, invented the prize winning animated TV show Burka Avenger

    Aaron Haroon Rashid, invented the prize winning animated TV show Burka Avenger

  • Target group: 6 to 12 years
  • Format type: animated TV show, Edutainment
  • Language: Urdu
  • Link: Burka Avenger

What is the idea behind “Burka Avenger“?/ What is the message ?

The idea was that the main protagonist, a teacher is preventing a girls’ school from being shut down, which was a real-life issue at the time. The main goals of the Burka Avenger TV series are to make people laugh, to entertain and to send out positive social messages.

Why is your superhero wearing a burka and not a ‚normal’ superhero-costume ?

We all know superheroes wear costumes as disguises and in the same vein Jiya uses the burka as a disguise. We choose the burka because we wanted to give the show a local relatable flavor.

What shall the kids learn from your superhero ?

One significant issue faced by the youth of Pakistan is the lack of enough positive role models. Through the lead character of our show, Jiya / Burka Avenger, we are presenting young children with a positive role model. Her morals, ethics and principles are of the highest standards. Her main motto is “Justice, peace and education for all”.

Why is it important to have high quality children’s programs made in Pakistan ?

There is huge space for children’s entertainment in Pakistan. There’s practically no local children’s entertainment. A lot of it is imported from the West, which is not socially or culturally relevant. Most children’s programming, though entertaining, is lacking in teaching moral and ethical values, and this is a real missed opportunity. Many young children in Pakistan, who don’t get the opportunity to learn to read, need TV programming that is entertaining and yet also educational.

What kind of feedback did/do you receive from your main viewership, the kids ?

The Burka Avenger TV series has struck a positive chord with the Pakistani public and people all around the world. Pakistani children have been quick to adopt the Burka Avenger as their very own home-grown superhero. By and large the response has been very positive and the kids love the Burka Avenger whom they see as a strong role model, which they can look up to.

Thank you for the interview.

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