Instructional Learning Program for English as a Secondary Language
ca 30 min | Urdu and English

Broadcaster: Radio Power 99
Target group: primary school children
Coverage: 50.000 children in primary schools in Islamabad, 30.000 in KP, steadily growing
Country: Pakistan
Link: Broadclass on facebook


mono-thematic radio show
25 min | Urdu

Broadcaster: Radio Power 99
Target group: 6 to 14 years
Country: Pakistan
Link: Power99

Brains On

mono-thematic radio show
ca. 25 min | English
Click here
Broadcaster: Minnesota Public Radio
Country: Minnesota, USA
Link: Brains On

Fun Kids

Online Radio Station with lots of different shows
Language: English

Click here

Content: Chemistry, Physics, History, Learning Languages, Nature, Movies etc.
Country: UK
Link: Fun Kids live

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