Our vision to stage a Children’s Performing Arts Festival refined through our continuous interaction with schools, educational institutes and organizations working for homeless and marginalized children. As the team organizes Lahore International Children’s Film Festival each year in Lahore, and several art education initiatives for children and young people, we realized a need to create a meaningful stage for children.

The Festival aims to promote inclusiveness, bringing children from all segments of society to share a common stage and project the critical issues children are facing in our time through the performing arts.

We believe that children, irrespective of their social class, gender, family background, income status or educational level need to express themselves. The Festival worked in shelter homes and organized theater workshops with homeless and marginalized children from organizations like Sheed and Pahchaan. The performances made in the workshops are presented in the festival.

We received an overwhelming response on the festival call from the schools. Based on the ideas pitched by the schools, the Festival team curated the plays and also supported the schools to increase the quality of the plays for the festival.

In future, we see this festival becoming a hub of a range of performing arts like mime, drama, puppetry, music and dance, while curating some of the best plays performed by and for children in Pakistan.

We are thankful to the organizations named The Little Art, Ali Institute of Education, Groupe Developpement and Pahchaan for the collaboration to make this initiative possible.

We look forward to continue our efforts to promote alternative learning opportunities for children and young people in Pakistan.

Shoaib Iqbal Festival Director Children’s Performing Arts Festival 2011

We are thankful for the contribution of Vlad Gerasimov of Vlad Studio, who allowed us to use his illustration in the festival publication design.


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