Submission are open: Children and youth (under 18) make short films of under 5 min duration. A selection of films will be screened at Lahore International Children’s Film Festival 2014, and one winner will receive a cash prize of  25,000 R.s.

Films are a great source of entertainment and education especially for children and youth. There are immense benefits in experiencing a good film, it introduces us to the world we are living in, exposes us to cultural diversity and promote imagination and critical thinking.

Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, a project of The Little Art, has been bringing some of the world’s best films, made for, by and about children and youth to Pakistan since 2007. The Festival has been pivotal to entertain, inspire and education thousands of children in several cities across Pakistan.

The process of filmmaking on the other hand also offers great learning opportunities to children. Filmmaking being a great blend of various art forms, which also addresses science and sports, provide children multi-dimensional benefits. They polish soft-skills such as leadership, collaboration, articulation and artistic development in the process.

The Little Art invites you to participate in the first inter-schools “National Filmmaking Competition”. Through this competition, we aim to give students, young and teens to showcase the talent in an International Festival and earn recognition for them while representing their schools.

30th September 2014:

Last date of submission of the films

Students of any age group enrolled in a school can register for the competition.

Results - 1st Filmmaking Competition


Students (of any group) can make short films, documentaries and music videos. The duration of the films shall be up to 5 mins including titles and credits.


The best film will receive 25,000 Rs. cash prize from Children’s Film Fund.

Each registered team and its students, including the teacher from the school will receive Certificate of Participation.

Eight awards will be given in the following categories;
Best film (Trophy for the school)
1st runner-up film (Trophy for the school)
2nd runner-up film (Trophy for the school)
Best script/story/screenplay
Best direction
Best acting
Best editing


Announce your school’s participation to the students.

Students make films individually or in groups.

Once the film is finished and reviewed by the schools, send us the film on DVD or USB data device in .MP4 or .MOV format. Our post address is;
The Little Art
81, F Block, Johar Town
Lahore, Pakistan
Ph: 042 35220796

The Festival Programmers of Lahore International Children’s Film Festival will review the submissions and a selection will be premiered in the 2014 Festival.

The jury or the competition will be selecting winners from the shortlisted films, and winners will be announced in the closing Ceremony of the Festival.

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