The Little Art was encouraged by the success of Lahore International Children’s Film Festival over the years, and planned to expand the Festival outreach to other cities. It is also important to reach maximum number of children each year with innovative learning opportunities to meet the organization’s objectives.

In 2011, we developed Karachi International Children’s Film Festival, while making partnership with Teacher’s Resource Center (TRC) in Karachi.

It was organized from 23 to 25 November 2011 in Zulekhabai Auditorium.

The Little Art believes in right partnerships for mutual benefits. The key to success of a project is to partner with the like-minded institutions who share the passion of promoting unique and innovative educational projects for children and young people. Teacher’s Resource Center (TRC) supported the project and partnered with The Little Art and continuously doing so.

The 2011 Festival was attended by more than 5000 children and young people during its run

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