2014 Lahore/Karachi Intl. Children’s Film Festival Season Report is Here

We’re nearing October here at KICFF and that means the craziest and most exciting time of the year is upon us! We have finished programming for what may be KICFF’s strongest and most diverse film slate yet. We’ve discovered so many great films that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Karachi International Children’s Film Festival (KICFF) is one of the largest children’s film festivals in the Pakistan. The festival offers a diverse slate of programming from Pakistan and around the globe, using the power of film not just to entertain children, youth and parents but also to foster new ideas about the complex issues facing young people today

With KICFF, you can be sure the time your family spends in the theatre will be more than just a day at the movies.

Morning and Evening shows

Date: October 20th-23rd 2014

Venue: Cinepax Ocean Mall and Cinepax City Auditorium Karachi

For Reservation 

Morning Shows : (92-21) 3539-2976 and (92-21) 3539- 4059

Evening Shows : 111-CINEPAX (246 372)

We look forward to seeing you and your children at Festival!

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