For a monothematic show you should have an opening that informs the children about what they can expect from the show. It should create suspense and give them an overview over the topic.
It’s always a nice idea to start a show with something funny that introduces the topic. The rhythm in the beginning should be fast. So a quick joke is a good start into a show.

opening joke: CM_Two2Tango_Anmod.mp3

Numbers and Superlatives
Children love big numbers and superlatives. Let’s say your topic is buildings: You can provide them with information about the biggest, the most innovative, the oldest, the newest building… What ever you can think of. Just test it with yourself. If you read about something that makes you think: “Wow, this is incredible! The tallest skyscraper is almost 1 km high.” then it will stick to your mind. Try to present it in a clear language and with a lot of humour. And one more hint: Children love facts about animals.

fun facts: CM_Two2Tango_FunFact.mp3

Interviews for children must be very focused and entertaining. It is important to have a likeable expert who is able to simplify complex issues. He should talk in a simple more less colloquial language and not use too many special terms! And you should test this before! Please conduct a pre-interview on the phone. The expert should know what you want to tell the children and you should make sure that he has some humour. You might tell him before that this will be a “special” interview, made for a special target group – and that some questions might seem awkward to him.
If the expert uses special terms (he should not do this too much!) you should “translate” for the children, or ask him “what exactly does that mean ?”
Please listen to the following example of an interview.

Children like stories and they like funny characters that make them laugh. So why not hiding “the bitter educative pill” in a sweet, funny story with a likeable protagonist. This is a good way to explain dry information and keep them hooked to your program. Be creative and invent a crazy character and let him explain difficult or complex issues.
To make the story even more interesting you can use a lot of sounds and music. That will create pictures in their mind.

professor: CM_Two2Tango_Professor.mp3

Riddle, Call in, Children as guests in studio
Children really like if they can participate in your program. You may have (sound-) riddles to make the show more interactive! Furthermore it makes a show for kids way more attractive if you have call ins from children or even have children as guests in the studio!

Click here to find the full episode of “Two2Tango” in the Best Practice section.

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