Media Literacy

We organise Lahore International Children’s Film Festival since 2007, that presents world’s best films for, by & about children and youth. It also goes to Karachi (KICFF) and Islamabad (ICFF) each year. We are working on a Children’s Media Project, to promote the need of meaningful, entertaining and educational programming for children in Pakistan.

Child Protection

The Convention on the Rights of the Children (1989) outlines the fundamental rights of children, including the right to be protected from economic and sexual exploitation, mental and physical abuse and their right to play and make choices. We use Puppetry to train caregivers and organise National ChildRight Arts Festival.

Leadership Development

TLA’s innovative Leadership Development Program for Children and Youth is designed for various age groups, keeping in mind their age-based need and areas such as communication skills, working in teams, public speaking, self-management skills, leadership tasks, motivations, emotional stability and organisational skills.

Visual Culture

Children and youth are greatly interested in visual stories.We work with children so they can express themselves visually, become creative and confident, and reflect an honest picture of our society & social realities. We organise ArtBeat- National Child Art Competition and Camera Kahani with school-going and street children.

Theatre / Life

We do theatre with schools, organisation and community groups. We organise theatre workshops, help schools to produce plays and organise festivals; Children’s Performing Arts Festival and Children’s Shakespeare Festival. We work with marganzalied and special children through Life/Play – Drama Therapy Workshops.

Youth Empowerment

Young people constitute the largest (67% resides between the age 15-35) segment of Pakistani population. Those form low and middle income groups, have few opportunities to develop to their full potential. We work with number of organizations and communities to empower youth on issues such as rights, human resource and peace.

Travel & Summer Programs

We facilitate children and youth to represent Pakistan on various international Festivals and platforms. We have sent delegates to Qatar, Iran, UAE and Italy to participate in various capacities. Each year, we organise arts-based summer camps & workshops in various Govt. and private schools and shelter homes.

Peace Building

Our work on peace education is multidimensional. We work with children and youth through integrated approach to introduce social values, knowledge that forms the attitudes and promoting peacemaking skills through art based workshops. This realisation helps to build a behaviour that is tolerant, social and democratic.

College & Career Readiness

Through our College Counselling and Career Readiness Program, students receive mentorship and one-on-one support to make their career choices and understand colleges and universities better. The program covers exploration of college options, campus visits, application assistance, resume preparation and internship opportunities.