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Children these days, especially in a country like Pakistan, are needed to be kept reminding to appreciate beauty in art, culture and nature that they see around themselves. Many forms of arts, especially performing arts, have been used as major attractions to children in connecting them with their culture and heritage.

Puppetry is one of the main features of such performing arts, and with a history in the Subcontinent decorated well over thousands of years, puppetry is still going strong when it comes to promoting the region’s rich culture. Their skillfully made forms and their colourful shapes and sizes attract children and motivate them to not only see a puppet show from a distance but to also take interest in the folklore behind the stories and the message instilled in the stories.

The Little Art in Collaboration with Suneha presents you to a pro-nature puppet show that not only gives an enjoyable time to children but will also act as a device that appeals to children and attracts them in a way that they understand the issue of pollution addressed in the show and take interest in knowing more about this problem that we as a society are faced with.

In the puppet show “Ali, Babli aur Pari”, a kind hearted fairy comes together with two innocent children to tell people the story of the vices of pollution and how it adversely affects living things in water, ground and the sky. The puppet show also demonstrates those human activities that became eventual causes of pollution. The kids and the environment-friendly fairy are looking forward to seeing you at this puppet show.


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