Seminar – Addressing Child Rights Through the Arts

The Little Art was invited to the Lahore College for Women University on 25th May 2015, to speak with the student community about the issues of “Addressing Child Rights through Arts”. We always feel that as part of our work with children and young people in the field, it is also very important to engage student communities in active dialogue about social issues. And so we were grateful for the Department of Social work at LCWU to invite our team and guest speakers to have a creative dialogue with the students.

Here is a report by students of Department of Social work:

The Little Art created a very friendly environment at the seminar which is not usually the case with typical seminars conducted at universities, and with a very professional approach the guest speakers involved all students, letting them speak about their perspectives regarding a child and the atmosphere in which he/she has to be raised. By focusing on arts and its various forms the students were guided on how one can learn to imagine, create, express and reveal the unspoken feelings to the world in his/her own way.

All members of The Little Art team were brilliant at keeping up the interest of audience throughout the seminar through active question and answer sessions. Shoaib Iqbal (Founder of TLA) focused on exploring the real definition of a child, Naeem Safi, (Art & Design educator) emphasized on the view that ‘Imagination is a child’s very basic right and that it shouldn’t be taken away’. Shah Zaman Baloch, (Photographer and Filmmaker) stressed upon the significance of films and photography in bringing social change and express our views. He shared his short film “The Keeper”, a story about a child with the audience and several of his works on children in documentary photography.

The seminar made me open my mind towards the responsibility regarding the ways a child needs to be treated and the requirement of inducing sense of empowerment into them so that they could grow up into positive beings who contribute to their own and society’s betterment.

I hope to see The Little Art NGO outshine in coming years and also be a part of their movement one day.


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