“Showcase – celebrating us!” The Little Art & Rabtt

“Showcase – celebrating us!” was collaboration between Rabtt and The Little Art to exhibit the joys of learning, creating, and building connections. The event was a culmination of the first phase of Rabtt Scholars Program and the Rabtt Fellowship Program in Lahore – intensive 5-week Summer Camps during which Fellows mentored Scholars through activity-based and conceptual learning. They covered modules like World History, Arts, Dramatics, Philosophy, Public Speaking, English and Mathematics, building four core competencies: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Self-Confidence, and Empathy.

The Showcase started with a recitation of Holy Quran and Bible verses. Which was applauded by Chief Guest Asghar Nadeem Syed. Renowned Urdu writer Mr. Asghar Nadeem Sayed attended the event as the Chief Guest. Children from six schools including Ghauri Wisdom High School, Sanjan Nagar High School, Allied School, Alfalah Town, National Institute of Education, Saint Johns Boys High School and Cecil and Iris Foundation participated in the event. Performances included plays, parliamentary debates, declamations, art display and a selected best films from Lahore International Children’s Film Festival were screened.

Performances Includes:

“Burhapay ki Khirhki” performance by Ghauri Wisdom High School

“Geo and jeenay do” performance by St. John’s Boys High School

“A funeral” performance by Allied School Defence View Campus

“Kia ham azad hain?” & “We need scholars not dollars” Declamation

“Zaat ki khallaa” performance by National School System

“Chaar Dewaari” performance by Iris & Cecil Foundation High School

“Rockstar of Qawwali” performance by Sanjan Nagar High School


All the performances received a huge round of applause but “Rockstar of Qawwali” was the show toper performance. It was a tribute of Sanjan Nagar School children to Late Amjad Sabri.

Certificates were awarded to the participating kids by the Chief Guest. Food stalls had been put up outside the hall and the whole atmosphere was filled with optimism, hope and happiness. Parents of the participating children were proud of what their children had achieved and the talent that was evident in the various performances prepared by the kids themselves.

The artwork done by the kids during the summer camps displayed in the reception area curated by The Little Art. Mr. Asghar Nadeem Sayed appreciated this initiative to bridge the education gap in Pakistan and expressed his hope in continuing such efforts where children get a platform to showcase their ideas and creative abilities.

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