Tamasha Workshops – Empowering Children and Youth for Meaningful Theatre

About Tamasha

Tamasha is a project by The Little Art developed to establish a culture of theatre for young audiences in Pakistan. Experiencing culturally relevant theatre play helps the children and youth to be imaginative and be engaged in universal ideas through stories.

The program encompasses development of children and youth in the art of performance using arts education approaches to learning personal and social skills.


With the support of CKU- Center of Culture and Development Denmark, this year we are launching Tamasha, through which we envision to create exciting opportunities in children’s theater in Pakistan.

The Little Art has conducted 5 intensive trainings which will be leading to a high quality theatre production with students in schools, colleges and universities.

The training workshops were conducted with the dramatic societies of FAST, UMT, UCP, MAO College, and students from the religious minorities community of Youhanabad where young students came from various schools such as Don bosco High School, MT International Christian School, The Dean public high school, St. Johns Boys High School and Girls High School.

Our performing arts workshop uses theatre as a process of transformation, psycho-social connections and intellectual development of students. The workshops have been designed to impart some basic theatre skills through games, exercises and improvisation methods with the overall objective to build creative self, confidence and personality development of children and youth.

Workshop Feedback

“The most valuable thing about the workshop was that I learned ways to increase my confidence and how to work in a team with others”

said Richard Jacob, a 17yr old student of MT Christian School in Youhanabad.

“I am a student of organizational psychology and the workshop gave me valuable knowledge about the understanding of my subject as well and how theatre can play in it”

responded Zainab Saleem, student of MAO College Lahore.

“ The trainings were a complete package. Trainers demonstrated and gave us exercises to understand all the ethics and techniques involved in theatre. Most valuable was that it was an interactive session and everyone was given a chance to express their views”

said 19 year old student Rashmeen Shakeel from UMT College.

“It was a very useful experience which developed confidence and trust among ourselves. At the end I believe we were all able to realize our inner abilities through theatre and drama exercises”

said Muhammad Asad, student at FAST University.

“The minute details of theatre were put into perspective by the trainers. All the useful knowledge of history, ethics and production of theatre for young people will prove very helpful for us in the future”

said Saif Ul Majeed, from University of Central Punjab.


Workshop Trianers

Umair Mushtaq

Ahmad Himtal





Tamasha, while developing youth in the process of learning will also be producing high quality theatre performances each year with the participation of youth in various skills and roles for production.

In April 2016, a 3-day colorful and exciting performance will be presented for young audiences. Our team together with students and active volunteers is busy preparing for a truly powerful, hilarious, bold, engaging and surprising theater play.

We have just announced our open auditions call and will be involving people from various backgrounds to become part of the culture of theatre for children in Pakistan.

We don’t expect our audiences to “sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.” We encourage them to lean forward, engage and start participating to change the world for the better and make it a fun place for all.

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