YESPeace Pakistan is Launched

The Little Art is very excited to be part of founding member of UNESCO MGIEP supported network “Youth for Education, Sustainability and Peace” or YESPeace in Pakistan.

YESPeace Pakistan core group was formed in December 2016 to set up the YESPeace Pakistan. The core group is consisted of three organisations – The Little Art, CYAAD, Pakistan Youth Alliance; and is supported by UNESCO Islamabad office.

Initiated by UNESCO MGIEP (, YESPeace is a network of networks which aims to mobilise youth on issues of peace and sustainable development. Additionally, the YESPeace Network is part of Global Action Programme (GAP), Partner Network for “supporting youth in their role as change agents for sustainable development through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”. With existing chapters in India, Malaysia and South Africa, UNESCO Islamabad is leading the set-up of YESPeace Pakistan.

YesPeace aims to achieve;

  • Mainstreaming youth voices into policymaking
  • Empowering youth
  • Building capacities of youth and youth organizations
  • Connecting youth and youth organizations
  • Creating spaces for dialogue:

YesPeace Pakistan organised its first workshop on peer capacity building and strategic planning from the April 17th – 19th, 2017 in Islamabad. The workshop was attended by over sixteen participants from partner organisations and entailed sharing of training plans on youth capacity building by partners and a detailed planning session towards developing the YESPeace calendar of events for the year.

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