Young Students Making Films for Children in Pakistan

Lahore International Children’s Film Festival is in it’s 7th year and has expanded the festival program to include film making workshops with school children involving them to explore the art of storytelling through short films.

Our team of trainers conducted a 5-day workshop at the school Azam Garrison for Girls. 30 students of ages 13 to 18 worked with the trainers to explore stories and characterization, developed their script writing skills and were provided technical training on camera work.

“The way we were trained on how to use a professional camera was very exciting for me as a young student as it was my first time working on making a film”

said Maham Khan a young student attending the LICFF workshop.

Through the workshop, two teams were created to further work on their developed stories and shoot their complete short films in groups. The students were given various roles as art directors, camera experts, production assistants, make-up/costume artists and actors.

“I feel that my thinking ability was increased from the workshop, it also enhanced my skills in learning tolerance of everyone’s ideas and working together as a team”

said Bushra Aslam

By the end of the workshop, the teams successfully created two films: A short story film “Slice of Joy” and a musical film “Hey there Little Bird” which will be featuring at the 7th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival. This will be an opportunity for young students to promote themselves as emerging film makers and further use their talents to enrich the cultural landscape for young people in Pakistan.

“The workshop was a really fun experience and the highlight for me was the different creative exercises and games to develop our script writing skills and it really focused on all our talents”

said Saman Waqar, student.

We are grateful to CKU Denmark (Center of Culture and Development) in supporting The Little Art in bringing educational & entertaining opportunities for Pakistani children.

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  • Ryan HassiMay 30, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    can you make a short film based on a student. i have a story.

    • TheLittleArtJune 1, 2016 at 7:19 pm

      Yes we can.But it depends on story, budget and timeline.

      • Ryan HassiJuly 30, 2016 at 9:46 pm

        i have a story theme. 923417630569 this is my whatsapp contact. Hope you’ld like the story.


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