About Us


  • Support children and young people, especially from marginalized and low-income backgrounds for the development, production and presentation of various art forms.

  • Provide a safe, engaging and educational experience that reinforces the best parts of the public and private school curriculum for children and young adults in Pakistan.

  • Be a resource for educators and administrators in Pakistan to experiment with new ideas for engaging their students and for providing a link between them and parents.

  • Create a relationship of trust, camaraderie and respect that children and young adults (and parents) can make a part of their daily life and their life over time.

  • Be a platform for social issues in the region that needs addressing; and showcase them professionally, in a light that is both educational and informative, for children and adults.


“To establish arts in Pakistan as a major facilitator for children and young people to realize and achieve their dreams; through innovative arts education projects and creative learning opportunities.”


“Empower children and young people from all social, economic and ethnic groups through the arts.”


We value the arts as the most powerful medium to facilitate the dreams of each child and inspire them to turn their dreams into realities. Our innovative, educational, inspirational and motivating opportunities utilize a wide range of artistic mediums including primarily

  • Film and New Media

  • Puppetry

  • Theater

  • Visual Arts, Painting and Drawing

  • Photography

We also value nurturing a child’s understanding of those elements that diminish restraints to inspiring their dreams:

  • Child Rights and Protection

  • Peace and Prosperity

  • Democracy and Rights

  • Issues Effecting Children

  • Sustained Cultural Heritage

  • Religious and Cultural Tolerance

  • Higher Education

  • Community Equality


We will provide every child and young person we are able to reach, irrespective of their social class, gender, family background, income status or education level, an equal right to opportunities of creative expression; and we pride ourselves on collaborating with schools, universities, organizations, corporations and networks who are equally committed to this promise.

We believe that the arts has the potential to provide larger intermediary learning spaces and opportunities to bridge the gap between imparting new ideas and formal education. Arts generally captivate children and young people through numerous avenues; to think, create, inspire and act.

We use the arts, primarily media, to teach children and young adults to recognize and begin to understand the social issues pervading their immediate community; social issues that prohibit the development of their dreams, ideas and principals. At its foundation, our programming and curriculum also provides life-skills for addressing those issues AND for moving forward as responsible, productive members of whatever society or culture children and young people should choose to inhabit.

We develop innovative and fun artistic programming to engage children and young people in alternative education and learning opportunities.

We produce the single largest International Children’s Film Festival in Pakistan; as well as numerous another film, performing and cultural arts festivals.

We hold film-making workshops for children and young people, organize workshops in photography, digital art, stop-motion, animation and performing arts. We curate and develop arts education projects for schools and organizations. We provide arts education consultancy services to organizations working for children and young people; particularly marginalized children and those from low-income backgrounds.

Our group comprises young professionals, carrying extensive background in arts-education, film-making, marketing and development, event management and arts. We aim to grow in the area of career counselling for young people while introducing arts-based tools so they can make appropriate career choices.

We endeavour to provide every child and young person, through creative learning opportunities: life skills, social awareness, cultural exposure and educational understanding. We have challenged ourselves with introducing new creative projects; and growing them into large-scale success stories in Pakistan.

The Little Art has near 9 partners across Pakistan now. We choose liked minded organizations working in education and social sector who share our vision and mission. Through a series of meetings and interactions; we develop understanding with our partners before embarking into large projects. Once we feel that each organization has seen its true spirit and benefit in terms of mission we sign an MoU with our partners with the duration of 2 to 3 years.

We started our work in Lahore, the largest city in the province Punjab. We are working now across Pakistan through our partners and other supporting individuals who care about our cause. We choose locations based on the potential and interest of us and our partners. If we all feel that we can expand our work in a certain geographic location, we move ahead with that. The expansion of our projects is driven by our mission, not with the donor constraints. We create resources for our work as we expand.

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