Through workshops, The Little Art worked in schools and universities to engage youth through film on gender.
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Issue# 60   |  09/07/2020
Wave - The Little Art's Newsletter
Vowing to be #EquallyLoud – Films Made by Children & Youth Sharing Gender Experiences

The Little Art held an evening of EquallyLoud Film screening event on Friday, 30th August, 2019 where it showcased films of children and youth and held an open discussion on topics of gender equality.

The evening was attended by several participants and our mentors like Asghar Nadeem Syed (teacher, play & drama writer), Muneeza Hashmi (Chairperson Lahore Arts Council, Faiz Foundation Trustee), Sajida Vandal (Vice Chancellor Institute of Arts and Culture (IAC)), Sohail Warraich (Women Rights’ Activist, Member of the National Commission on the Status of Women and Co-ordinate Commission’s Committee on Law and Policy) and Iftikhar Mubarak (Executive Director Children Advocacy Network Pakistan). The discussion panel was hosted by Shoaib Iqbal (Founder, The Little Art). 

Muneeza Hashmi – Director Lahore Arts Council
“EquallyLoud by The Little Art has started a great debate as usually these topics are seldom discussed or are left unaddressed. In such cases, continuity is key and I would urge the team to take this even further ahead.”
Sajida Vandal - Vice Chancellor Institute of Arts and Culture (IAC)
"It is the children’s voice. It touches the heart and I think it will touch the heart of the audience as well. A lot of important issues have been raised and implemented in a very delicate way. If you look at the faces of the children, they were all smiling; nobody was bored. This shows that the message does reach out. And obviously when these kids have gone home and spoken about what they’re doing, then I don’t think this remains within the classroom."
Asghar Nadeem Syed - Teacher, Play & Drama Writer
All the children who created these films were from underprivileged backgrounds and I’m very happy to see that you have inspired and mentored them to come out and express themselves as no one has ever given them this opportunity because of absence of such facilities. 
Teens Shared Gender Experiences Through Film

A total number of 340 children from 10 schools across Lahore and Faisalabad, boys and girls, were a part of a directory and production of untold stories of breaking gender stereotypes, gender equality, issues of transport and access, body shaming, and equal opportunities.
The films made by young people in these workshops will be screened in Lahore International Children's Film Festival 2019, through events in Lahore, Karachi, Jamshoro, Faisalabad and Bhakkar. 


The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization that uses the medium of art to promote social values among children and young adults in Pakistan.

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