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Issue# 68   |  11/07/2020
Wave - The Little Art's Newsletter
Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) Forum
Current Pandemic and the Future

The current pandemic has shaped various challenges for theater for young audiences. TYA being already marginalized, relatively small and challenging to produce, the current situation has made it more difficult. From our basic needs to adequate resources to create art, we need to understand challenges, think collectively and find solutions for the new normal of the world of children and young people.

TYA Forum focuses on starting conversations, on questions such as how pandemic has affected performing arts and theatre for young audiences, country updates for mutual learning, ways for artists to deal with it and any initiatives and project models that can be adopted.

TYA Forum is led by seasoned artists and arts managers from 6 Asian countries. The forum is open to anyone working or having an interest in theater for young audiences.
Dates: 5th, 6th and 7th June 2020

Eastern Time: 4:30 am
Central European Time: 9:30 am
Melbourne, Australia: 6:30 pm
Seoul, South Korea: 5:30 pm
Lahore, Pakistan: 1:30 pm
Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan: 1:30 pm
Tehran, Iran: 1:00 pm
New Delhi, India: 2:00 pm

Open to All | Limited Seats | Mandatory Registration

The Little Art is a founding member of ASSITEJ Pakistan.

The Little Art

The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization that uses the medium of art to promote social values among children and young adults in Pakistan.

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