11th ArtBeat
National Child Art Competition & Exhibitions


1- Portraits

An opportunity for the young artists to portray the people they like and would like to pay tribute, such as;
My Teacher
My Doctor
My Mother
My Father

2 – Landscapes

Landscapes that children and youth remembers, that they like the most or can relate to, such as;

My School
My City
My Village
My Home

3- Colorful and Abstract

Play with colors to express your feelings and celebrating happiness. Young artists are encouraged to think and paint unconventional ideas, using colours with are unusual and unique.

4- Peace

Peace is a state of harmony, quiet and calm that is not disturbed by anything at all. Peace is also the absence of chaos and tension.
What is peace for you? How do you see peace? Are you a peaceful Human being? How we can reduce tensions and violence around us? How we can make this world a better place?

5- Healthy Pakistan


What do you think about Corona virus, and how you imagine it?
How Corona is affecting our daily routines? In what ways we can remain positive during this pandemic? What are the things that makes you happy?
What are you able to do during your day at home?


Self-hygiene is an integral part of our lives. How important it is to maintain self-hygiene during Corona virus outbreak. Through what ways we can remain safe from the virus.

Hopes for the future

What are the things that you want to do when the virus is defeated and we are able to come out of our homes? How does the future look like to you to the world that is free from COVID-19? What will you do differently when we get back to our normal life?

6- Human Rights

What do you think about your life? What do you feel about your family and friends? How do you see the world you live in? What you want to be in your future life? What are your rights and responsibilities?


9 Regional Prizes for all 3 age Groups 

1st Prize
Rs.7000/- in 3 regions
3 Age groups

2nd Prize

Rs.5000/- in 3 regions
3 Age groups

3rd Prize

Rs.3000/- in 3 regions
3 Age groups

Prize of Honor

Winner young artists for exhibition (Certificate only)

Certificates & Appreciation

Each artist will receive a certificate upon submission.


ArtBeat will hold 3 exhibitions in following cities


Age Groups

A: 4-9 Years
B: 10-14 Years
C: 15-18 Years
D: Special Needs


Red: Islamabad/Rawalpindi, KP and Kashmir
Green: Punjab
Blue: Sindh/Balochistan

artbeat studio
artbeat jury

Submission Deadline

31 October 2021

Rules & Regulations

  • Size A3 (12’’x17’’)
  • 4-18 years old
  • Any medium
  • Title your artwork
  • One artists can submit up to 5 entries in the competition (Fee for each entry is 700/-)

Fee Submission

Each submission: Rs. 700


ArtBeat offers special discount to schools on group submissions, upon submission of 30 or more artworks from each school. Discounted Submission fee: Rs. 500

Fee can be submitted through the following 3 ways;

1: Direct Online Transfer/IBFT/Bank Deposit/Demand draft/cross cheque drawn on the name of “The Little Art”

Account Title: The Little Art
Account #: 0182-007-000-000-342
Faysal Bank
NTN No: 3670496-2

2: Jazz Cash mobile account

Account No: 03324387626
Account Title: Shoaib Iqbal

3: EasyPaisa mobile account

Account No: 03154036167
Account Title: Shoaib Iqbal

Fee proof: Please take a photo or screenshot of fee transaction and submit it along with artwork as fee proof online.

Steps to Submit Your Artwork

You can submit artwork by post OR online. Use only ONE method to submit your artwork

Submission by Post

  1. Create: Artworks on any above given theme
  2. Fill and Paste: Fill out this form and paste it at the back of the artwork
  3. Pay: Submit the submission fee in the bank (details above)
  4. Post: Send your artwork to our address along with following;
    • Proof of fee submission
    • Artwork with the form pasted at the back

Attach the submission form at the back of your artwork, and send your artwork along with fee receipt to;

For All Regions

ArtBeat Submissions
The Little Art
1537, C Block, LDA Avenue 1
Raiwind Road, Lahore
Tel: 0315 4036167

Download Forms Below

form for individuals
form for schools


9th artbeat results are here
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Online Submission

  1. Make your artwork
  2. Take a very good high-quality photo of your artwork
  3. Submit your fee and have its proof
  4. Fill the online form below and submit your artwork along with the fee proof
  • Applicant/Artist Details

  • Please write complete name of Artist/Applicant for publication
  • Double check your email id. We will send confirmation on this email id
  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Artwork Submission

  • Scan/Take a picture, Upload your fee submission proof
    Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png
    Max file size: 10MB
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
  • Scan/Take a picture, Upload your artwork
    Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png
    Max file size: 10MB
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.