15th ArtBeat
National Child Art Competition & Exhibitions


Colours / Abstract | Landscapes | Autumn / Winter

Artists are encouraged to think and paint unconventional ideas using colours which are unusual and unique.

1- Colors / Abstract

Dive into a world of colors and shapes! Let your imagination run free and create vibrant, abstract art. There are no boundaries— just express yourself and the magic within you.

2- Landscapes

Bring the beauty of landscapes to life through your art! Whether it’s rolling hills, city skylines, or serene lakes, let your imagination guide your brush or pencil to explore what have you seen in Pakistan!

3- Autumn / Winter

Explore the upcoming autumn and winter seasons through your art! Capture falling leaves or cold landscapes of cities and villages, choose colour platter that tells your story through paining and drawings


  • Total prizes worth of Rs. 25,00,000
  • 800 Prizes for all 5 Age Groups in 3 Regions
  • 6 National Prizes for the Children with Special Needs
  • 51 Cash Prizes in Total

Students Awards

(for all 5 age groups in 3 regions)

1st Prize– Tablets
15 Prizes

2nd Prize– Rs.10000/-
15 Prizes

3rd Prize– Rs.5000/-
15 Prizes

4th Prize
Gold Medal

5th Prize
Silver Medal

6th Prize
Bronze Medal

6 Prizes for Children with Special Needs

Certificates & Appreciation
Each artist will receive a certificate upon submission.

School Awards

Certificate of Acknowledgement
Certificate for Principal
Creative School Award

Art Teacher/Coordinators Awards
Teacher’s Award of Excellence
Appreciation Certificate for Art Teacher
Appreciation Certificates for Activity Coordinator

Age Groups

  • 4-6 Years
  • 7-9 Years
  • 10-12 Years
  • 13-14 Years
  • 15-18 Years
  • Special Needs


  • Red: Islamabad/Rawalpindi, KP and Kashmir
  • Green: Punjab
  • Blue: Sindh/Balochistan
artbeat studio
artbeat jury

Extended Submission Deadline

20 October 2023

Rules & Regulations

  • Size A3 (12’’x17’’)
  • 4-18 years old
  • Any medium
  • Title your artwork
  • Submissions are not returned

Fee Submission

Each submission: Rs. 1300


ArtBeat offers special discount to schools on group submissions, upon submission of 30 or more artworks from each school. Discounted Submission fee: Rs. 1000

Fee can be submitted through the following 3 ways;

1: Direct Online Transfer/IBFT/Bank Deposit/Demand draft/cross cheque drawn on the name of “The Little Art”

Account Title: The Little Art
Account #: 0182-007-000-000-342
IBAN: PK54FAYS0182007000000342
Faysal Bank
NTN No: 3670496-2

2: Jazz Cash mobile account

Account No: 03324387626
Account Title: Shoaib Iqbal

3: EasyPaisa mobile account

Account No: 03154036167
Account Title: Shoaib Iqbal

Fee proof:

Fee Proof: Please Take a photo or screenshot of fee transaction and submit it along with the artwork as fee proof.

Steps to Submit Your Artwork

  1. Create your artworks.
  2. Download the artwork label from below and paste it at the back of the artwork.
  3. Download School registration form from below and fill it.
  4. Upload school registration form online below, and also send the printed form along with your artworks.
  5. Submit the submission fee in the bank.
  6. Pack your Artwork and send it to us along with following things
    (i)Proof of fee submission
    (ii)Registration form

Send your artworks at below postal address

The Little Art
126, F/1 Block, Model Town

1- Download school registration form

Download School Registration Form

2- Take a print of School registration form only and send it along artworks

3- Download artwork labels, print and paste on backside of artworks

Download Artwork label

4- Upload School registration form excel file below. (Make sure you have filled both tabs of excel file.)

1- Download individual artist registration form

Download Individual Artist Registration Form

2- Take a print of individual registration form and send it along artwork

3- Download artwork label, print and paste on backside of artwork

Download Artwork label

4- Upload individual artist registration form excel file below.

Upload Registration Form