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The Little Art offers professional development, capacity building and consulting services for educators, schools and organizations. We aim to help schools to benefit from the unique experience we have in arts and other related fields.

In the past seven year, our group has organized nearly 31 large and medium scale international events across Pakistan which was attended by nearly 1,75,000 children, youth, teachers and families. Nearly 2500 schools have participated in our events nationally, and we have conducted workshops with 1300 teachers and children so far.

Our group carries unique set of skills in the areas of arts management, filmmaking, painting, photography, marketing, communication, design, IT and social media.

Working with us will not only deliver high quality services to you, but also will help us continuing The Little Art, a non-profit organization that vows to work with marginalized children and youth equally through a number of ways.

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Govt. of Sharjah, UAE (Sharjah Media Arts for Children and Youth)

Lahore Grammar School, Lahore

Roots School System, Islamabad

Roots Millennium School, Islamabad

Learning Alliance, Lahore


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The Little Art provides customized special trainings to meet the needs of schools and youth organizations. The trainings and workshops ranges from a half-day session to a semester-long program. Our trainings cover areas such as bullying, human rights, leadership, peer mediation, respect for diversity, technology for social change, youth activism, global awareness, global citizenship, youth development and conflict resolution.

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Our group members have nearly 30 years of collective experience in theater production and all of its related areas such as script development, design, direction, working with actors and organizing the theater shows.

We can work with your schools to produce a high-quality theater show. The production will be a great show for audience and a wonderful learning experience for your students.

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Our team of professional filmmakers and video editors can work on any assignment of high quality video recording of your events or special projects.

We also develop and deliver digital publications that are viewable on mobile devices, iPads and tablets. We can create high-quality interactive games and mobile apps for your school as well.

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We work with schools to share their successes and promote achievements, attract students and staff, protect their reputation and improve communications skills across the school. We offer a range of marketing, design and digital services. We put our extensive experience in action of working in education to help you build and run the effective communication plan.

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Our Event Management Services is your one-stop shop for planning and hosting events of any size and scale. We provide a wide-range of services including planning, budgeting, venue selection, logistics, hiring event staff such as ushers, and event production. Some of our key services are;
Audio Visual and Technology Services
Decor and Design
Security Services
Catering Services

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We provide high quality printing services of all kind to schools. Let it be brochures, posters, school stationary or printing related to any event, our group has a year’s of experience in producing the high quality printing items.

We also produce customized products, such as t-shirts, mugs, calendars, souvenirs and other related items.

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Our design team can provide attractive and creative solutions to help your school stand out from the crowd. We are sure you have seen some of our publications of the past Festivals, workshops and other projects. We can put these skills for your service and design a range of your projects and items.

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We can create a website that matches your individual requirements and provides your school with a totally unique website design. We also deliver school based content management systems where your staff, teachers and students can communicate for all of their business at once place.

If your school already has a website, it is essential that the website is updated with the content and runs smoothly. We can provide you expert assistance to meat content management tasks as well. We deliver not only development of the websites, but also content management training, content uploads, technical fixes and enhancements.

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Social media has become one of the most important areas to address for reaching our current and new customers. We can create an integrated social media branding with profile pictures, cover images, and background images for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube that all promote your school to its full potential. We can also run your Facebook and Twitter pages on your behalf for dedicated quick responses to the online communication.



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