Films, a way to teach, even support formal curriculum! Surprised, may be a bit? Keep reading…


With the Festival already around the corner, It’s hard to keep everything to ourselves and hence, a blogpost is in order!

To begin with, TLA is beyond happy and super proud of being a part of Children Literature Fest by Idara e Taleem – o – Agahi (Quetta)! More’s soon to follow regarding the Literature Fest!

Many around us consider the whole ‘learning through media’ a delectable idea; fun while it lasts but nothing too substantial. It is important to educate parents as well as teachers about the importance of what our children see and hear and how beneficial it can be in developing their young minds to the optimum.
Using films and multimedia to teach children without being oppressive to their inquisitive and creative nature has taken educationists worldwide by storm. Children absorb so much more when the medium of learning is as interactive as films. Children get a chance to associate and even satiate their creative hunger and yet inculcate a variety of knowledge via conscious visual imagery.

TLA often tries to come up with workshops to involve children in making their own films and hence get a deeper insight to what they want to see and project! This way, we can get our children to learn to identify social issues and problems in general, and be able to define it in their own way, only to have fellow children become aware and contribute to a positive solution based thought process.

An important resource that we are introducing to you today for meaningful film based teaching is
Film Education :

It’s a nice scroll and very informative!

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Team TLA..