Young women in Pakistan are doing exceptional, ground-breaking work which deserves all the recognition it can get. Despite challenges, they are courageously fighting to create an impact in their lives and society. 25 Under 25 Award is a vision to recognize those young women, carrying extraordinary stories of determination and passion. The Little Art is excited to welcome Cohort 1 to The Little Art community, to inspire other young women and catalyze a positive change in the society.

These 25 young hidden gems were shortlisted after a hefty process of nominations, and rounds of interviews. From Skardu to Islamabad, Karachi to Tharparkar, the young women are both culturally and geographically diverse. They are overcoming challenges, fighting unfair norms and surpassing every obstacle that comes between themselves and their passion. Their stories, until now, were unheard. They are inspiring, focused and determined to make a difference in the society; to help and inspire other young women so that they don’t have to face what they faced.

25 Under 25 Award has launched with an aim to facilitate, mentor and train young women so that their work and passion gets the attention it deserves and leaves a mark on maximum people. The exceptional work that these young women are doing is proof of a woman’s strength and empowerment in Pakistani society. The final 25 are not only awe-inspiring, but also have the abilities to change how one sees the world; which is what this world exactly needs.

Meet 25 Under 25 Young Women