The Little Art launched #EquallyLoud in 2018 with the aim to empower young people from vulnerable communities by enabling them to shape their gender experiences into digital storytelling. It intends to highlight the positive and negative gender experiences of young people to advocate gender equality. The project is based on five days of filmmaking workshops conducted by experienced trainers to push young minds to explore their insightful life events that center around their gender.

The project’s website was recently launched and is now fully functioning. The audience can find:

  • Filmmaking Manual
  • Teacher’s Training Workshop
  • Filmmaking Workshop Process
  • Films by Under 18
  • Films by Youth
  • Impact Stories
  • Short Film Grants
  • 25 Under 25 Award

The Little Art engages students, teachers and parents to ensure that the positive impact on the kids never fades away.

Follow the link to get transported to the website: