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Issue# 67   |  11/07/2020
Wave - The Little Art's Newsletter
Staying At Home? Let’s Create! Version 2

In these difficult times, COVID-19 is affecting the whole world. It has affected our lives in various ways. It is really important to know how it’s affecting you as children and youth. What are your fears and hopes? How do you want to see your future and the future of the world? Creativity is key to share your thoughts and imagination

The Little Art invites you to express your ideas, fear, hopes and thoughts through photo story, creative writing and calligraphy.

Submission are open now

Submit it online, and share it with your friends.
9 winners from each category will be selected on the basis of maximum likes.
30 works will be selected as Jury’s Choice.

Competition Themes

Following are the selected themes. Submission only on these themes will be accepted except Draw Calligraphy prompt
Corona:What do you think about Corona virus, and how you imagine it? How Corona is affecting our daily routines? In what ways we can remain positive during this pandemic? What are the things that makes you happy? What are you able to do during your day at home?

Self-hygiene: Self-hygiene is an integral part of our lives. How important it is to maintain self-hygiene during Corona virus outbreak. Through what ways we can remain safe from the virus.

Spring: Although everything has been delayed due to the current situation but spring is still not cancelled. Share your artworks, photos and stories on this beautiful season of flowers and blossoms.

Family: How we are discovering relationships? Who are our siblings and what makes them special? See how parents has been supporting us in various things. You can make portraits of family members and share it.

Memories from the past : We are restricted to homes; the schools are closed and there is a fear of getting sick if we go outside. What are the things that you remember from your school, park, going to friend’s homes and other things that you were able to do before the lockdown? Let’s cherish those memories.

Hopes for the future: What are the things that you want to do when the virus is defeated and we are able to come out of our homes? How does the future look like to you to the world that is free from COVID-19? What will you do differently when we get back to our normal life?

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Staying At Home? Let’s Create! Results announcement!

The Little Art launched an online competition for children and young artists. We received more than 2200 submissions from all over Pakistan. It was an open theme contest and the categories included 1 Photo 1 Story, Write a Short Story, and Artwork and Make Digital Designs.

The Winners and Jury’s Choice Awards are announced.

The Little Art

The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization that uses the medium of art to promote social values among children and young adults in Pakistan.

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