The Little Art launches an online competition for children and young artists. Share a digital photo, write a story, paint or draw and create designs.

Submit it online, and share it with your friends. The winners will be most voted (on The Little Art Facebook page), and will have the following benefits.

Benefits for winners:

  • Receive a special Cutputli puppetry box (for under 18) OR Art in the box gift (for above 18) from The Little Art
  • Exhibition of the submission on the upcoming festivals
  • Submission published on TLA website
  • Special invitation to upcoming events

How to Participate: Step-by-step instructions

  • See the creative prompts given below and create at your home
  • Fill in the required information in the form given below
  • Select the prompt category that you want to opt for
  • Upload/Write your work/story
  • Click on Submit
  • You will receive a confirmation email from The Little Art with voting details to win
  • The submissions will be published regularly on our social media channels


  • Allowed age group: 3-24
  • You can participate in more than one prompt category
  • Only 1 entry per prompt category is accepted in one day
  • You can submit a new entry/fresh work daily
  • Work must be original and your own (Google/Plagiarism = Disqualification)
  • Stories can be in English or Urdu
  • You can submit your writings in text or scan/photo of the notebook page (picture must be in good quality for the reader)
  • Fresh and current work is preferred
  • The submissions will be published regularly on our social media channels
  • Please see guidelines under each category
  • No hate speech, political, agendas will be accepted

Deadline: 25 April 2020 (winners will be announced online)

Fee: There is no fee to participate in the competition

Creative Prompts:

Here are some creative prompts for children and young people to be inspired and create.


1 Photo, 1 Story

Get creative and tell a story!
A picture is worth a thousand words! But here you only have to create a story of minimum 30 and maximum 250 words!

Snap a picture (from any camera), write a creative story, and share it with us!


  • You can take photos (from any camera) of people, and an interesting corner in your home, your child’s play-dough creation, and send us along with a short story.
  • Take fresh or new photos and write stories around.
  • Your artwork is not a photo


1 Photo Taken from Mobile Camera

The Big-Purse Lady

Watching Big Sister play baseball, Roberta scraped her knee. The lady she asked for a bandage gave her one, and said, “You walked past three other ladies to get to me. Why didn’t you ask them for a bandage?”

“They have little purses,” said Roberta. “Big purses always have bandages.”


Write a Short Story

Let your inner writer out in!
Your stories can be based on reality or you can make up your own story.


Minimum words: 100
Maximum words: 1000

Examples for Children: Age 7 – 17
(you can also choose topic of your own)

  • Stories from your grandparents
  • Learning new things
  • Create a story on your new superhero!
  • A dream you remember
  • What a new thing you learned today and How?

Examples for Adults: Age 18 – 24
(you can also choose topic of your own)

  • Reality-based
  • Humorous
  • Horror-fiction
  • Mind twisters
  • Inspirational


(TITLE) Confessions of a mithai thief

When I was in fourth grade living in Lahore, my mother would frequently send me to the little neighborhood store. One day I went with a list, and when the storekeeper’s back was turned, I couldn’t resist reaching into his Mithai box on the counter and pocketing one. On the way home, I enjoyed it immensely. But over the years, my sin bothered me; so much so that when I spotted the old storekeeper at a local cricket game during my high school years, I confessed. He smiled, held out his hand, and said, “You owe me a mithai.”

Make Artworks and Digital Designs

Let the inner artist come out!


  • Draw on any subject that you choose and submit
  • Choose any medium you like: color pencils, markers, acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, poster colours, pastels, crayons, pointers, sketch pencils
  • Try to create fresh/new work at home daily

Digital Design

  1. For Adults: You can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD
  2. For Children: Paint, Kleki , etc

Submission Form

You will receive a detailed email containing the next steps upon successful submission. For queries/questions please write to (Click Here To Email) Umair Mushtaq with title “Stay Home and Create Competition”