Project Description


Puppets are both entertaining and captivating. In their different forms they appeal to both old and young alike, represent traditions and are valuable educational tools.

CutPutli uses puppetry to work with children through informal education, especially for those in challenging situations like in shelter homes, care centers and other out of home places.

It trains teachers, caregivers and psychologists to use puppetry in working with children in vulnerable situations (street children, special children and children are public schools).

Puppets can stimulate children’s imagination, encourage creative play and discovery and are a wonderful interactive way to introduce narrative to developed life skills.

CutPutli also has a fun box containing materials and manual to create simple puppets. It is locally made, high quality manual published in English and Urdu, that engages children, teachers and parents to tell stories through puppetry.

Puppet Show – Ali, Babli Aur Pari

In the puppet show “Ali, Babli aur Pari”, a kind-hearted fairy comes together with two innocent children to tell people the story of the vices of pollution and how it adversely affects living things in water, ground and the sky. The puppet show also demonstrates those human activities that became eventual causes of pollution.