Project Description

Zero MM – Youth Film Festival Southasia

Zero mm is Youth Film Festival a platform for recognizing, developing and empowering the most talented young filmmakers and films from Southasia.

Zero mm aims to serve young filmmakers in Southasia by providing opportunities and audience to foster constructive dialogue through cinema. It envisions to nurture an international community of youth filmmakers, activate audience for Southasian identity and inspire a new generation of filmmakers.

The Festival is a jump-board of experimental filmmaking, a celebration of urban culture and an inspiration for youth to explore Southasia and identity. Imagine a global youth filmmaking movement, where talented youngsters collaborate to create world-class cinema, host the Festival across the world at small to large venues and celebrate Southasian storytelling.

Zero mm’s innovative Glocal (Global + Local) model offers curation and distribution of the Festival in true community spirit. Each year, the Festival will be travelling to various venues across the world through collaborations.

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