Tamasha Workshops – Activating Youth through Performing Arts

The Little Art through its project Tamasha is launching Tamasha YESPeace, an extensive program aims to empower youth through theater and performing arts, on the key issues of peace, conflict resolution and diversity.

“Youth for Education, Sustainability and Peace” or YESPeace is a project of UNESCO MGIEP and YESPeace Pakistan is recently launched. The Little Art is very excited to be its one of the founding member in Pakistan.

Tamasha YESPeace aims to develop skills among youth to understand and analyse; facilitate and lead conflict resolution activities; and engage audiences in their home communities for dialogue on key issues such as peace, conflict resolution, gender equality, cross-cultural understanding and diversity using the power of theater and performing arts.

By creating opportunities for youth to share their voices, the program aims to develop skills and attitudes necessary for a lifetime behavior change for civic engagement and peace-building. Interactive theater workshops will be a flexible set of games, exercises, and techniques that are used to create dialogue about the key issues.


The objectives of this program are;

  • To understand, examine and resolve conflict at various levels of individual self and society
  • To work in a collaborative/artistic ensembles; specifically enhancing skills of listening and managing point of views
  • To facilitate youth by having a creative forum where they can explore key issues through theater
  • Facilitate activities for peer-to-peer empowerment for positive social change
  • Develop vocal, physical and imaginative skills to express

Program Details;

The project has adopted a process oriented appraoch, where a range of mentors will work with selected youth through workshops and public showcases.

Three workshops will be organized in the course of the project, two in Lahore and one in Islamabad. The workshop in Islamabad also consists of a public engagement and showcase event. That event will also present other YesPeace partners and their work from across Pakistan.


Workshop 1

Hosted by the mentors from Tamasha, The Little Art and ASSITEJ Paksitan

31st July – 5th August 2017 (6 days)

Timings: 9am – 1pm (daily)

Venue: Lahore

Age Group: 16- 25


Workshop 2

Hosted by the mentors from Tamasha, The Little Art, ASSITEJ Paksitan and CYAAD (College of Youth Activism and Development)

21 – 23 August (3 days)

Timings: 9am – 1pm

Venue: Lahore

Age Group: 16- 25


Public Event in Islamabad

December 2017

Date, time and venue will be shared later.

Selected participants from these workshops will travel with the team to participate and present their theatre workshop outcome at this event. All travel/accommodation and food costs will be covered.

Fee Details

The major part of the program is supported by UNESCO, hence the program is subsidized and charging only 3,000 RS / participant to meet few management costs. Sponsorship are also available for deserving applicants

If you are selected, the program will cover;

  • Registration charges for 2 workshops and final event
  • Refreshment during the workshops
  • Certificates
  • Travel/accommodation and food for selected delegates to Islamabad for public event

To Apply for the program, please fill the form below. (The process of fee submission will be shared with the selected candidates.)

Deadline: 21st July 2017






Umair Mushtaq
Program Manager

umair [@] thelittleart.org
042 35220796


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