Summer Camp by The Little Art activates children and young people to explore creative expression and imagination skills through a set of finely curated activities. Each day of the camp is designed to enhance arts fundamentals for kids, based on their age group, creative ability, and personal goals.

Our approach is learning by the projects. We engage children to co-create with artists, where both inspire each other in the process of learning and creation. The children will work into specific age groups, so they can socialise, create and share with children of their own age, leading to a more enjoyable and productive camp experience.

Suitable for: 3-18 Year Olds
Months: 1 Camp in June and 1 in July
Camp Duration: One month
Day and Time: Weekdays (5 days a week), 10:00am to 1:30pm
Application Deadline: 28 May 2022
Fee: 30,000 PKR

Aangun – Centre for Learning and Culture
126, F Block, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Call and WhatsApp: 0332 4387626
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For the list of activities, details and online booking:

Summer Camp in June (click on the button below):

Summer Camp in June

Summer Camp in July (click on the button below):

Summer Camp in July

Creative Courses for Children in the Evenings (click on the button below):

Creative Courses for Children in the Evenings


For the past 15 years, The Little Art has engaged nearly 735,214 audiences from across Pakistan. The organisation has worked in all art forms such as film, theatre, visual arts, photography, mixed media, puppetry, design and digital. We trained hundreds of children and youth in partner schools to tell stories through various art forms.

For many years, parents and families kept asking us to host workshops and courses that anyone can join. We are pouring all of our experience and expertise and opening doors this summer.

This camp is our passion project, we spent three months finding young trainers who are passionate about working with children and young people, did an extensive exercise to design the curriculum and made sure the course is prepared appropriately.