While this year presented us with the unexpected, we are still forever grateful for the opportunities that made us better and gave us a chance to provide a platform to the talented children, young people and teachers.

We conducted 30 workshops and provided training to a total of 740 children, 275 young people and 65 teachers through its 5-day Filmmaking workshops in 10 schools and 5 universities of Lahore and Faisalabad. As a result of the workshops, 91 short films were made, released online and in cinemas, based on breaking gender stereotypes.

Watch films made by children here, and films made by youth here. 

The Little Art launched #25under25Award in an effort to recognize empowering young women and their efforts for the society. 25 out of 169 applications were shortlisted. The inspiring works by the exceptional young women will continue to create a generation of determined girls ready to break societal stereotypes!

Seven short grants, worth 1 lac each, were also given to young filmmakers who created thought-provoking short films highlighting issues of child abuse, domestic violence, women empowerment and breaking gender stereotypes. 7 young filmmakers were shortlisted out of 76 applications.

Covid19 brought multiple challenges for everyone globally. Quick adjustments and improvisations became the highlight of everyone’s lives. Among it all, it was vital that we do something to keep our audience cope with the downside of the virus.

We launched Digital ArtBeat which received an immensely positive response in the form of 4880 artworks online. The colours of survival brought life to all of us during the tough time.
We also launched TLA Live Talks with the artist community including painters, writers, filmmakers, dancers, calligraphers, musicians, storytellers and the #25under25Award

Finalists. The conversations with exceptionally talented people was a great way for parents, children and young people to get to know about the experiences of the artists who broke societal stereotypes to choose a less popular and successful path in their lives.

We are humbly grateful for all our partners who supported and collaborated with us to create creative platforms. We look forward to conducting more programs and creating more opportunities together.