4th ArtBeat 2015 Workshops at Studio RM / College of Art & Design (PU)

As a part of ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibition, Sponsored workshops were held from 8th June to 16th June 2015 in Studio RM and College of Art and Design, Punjab University, Lahore. 64 young Artists were selected from the competition to attend these workshops.

Punjab University, College of Art & Design Workshop:

32 selected children have participated in visual art workshops at Punjab University, College of Art & Design.

I got the opportunity to come in a workshop. Punjab University where many big artists make great Paintings. I also made lots of friend here, and we helped each other and worked together, talking about colors and subjects to draw for our projects. The entire experience was really great.

Minahil Hameed Butt – Salamat School System Girls Branch Gulberg Lahore.
Participant (Workshop at College of Art & Design PU)

Studio RM workshop:

R.M. Naeem and Sadaf Naeem, one of the most prominent names in the art community andforemost to promote art education conducted the one‐weekresidency with children in his studio. Selected 32 artists attended astudio residency in Lahore with Studio RM.

I have had a great experience in the residency. It was lovely to paint and to draw and all the other activities we did and learnt new creative ways to make things

Saad Asim – Aitchson College Junior School Lahore
Participant (Workshop at Studio RM)

The beauty of ArtBeat is that it gives a chance to all children from Pakistan, from all kinds of backgrounds and also different cultures. They are only selected on the basis of their talent and work. Their interaction with each other is really interesting as they learn from each other and make some great friendships. I give The Little Art great credit for this initiative to bring together these children and giving them the opportunity to work together and explore themselves through art making together

Sadaf RM Naeem, Trainer

About ArtBeat

ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions was started in 2012, with a vision to promote visual culture, understanding of issues among children and youth from their own perspective, celebrate children as artists and present children’s view as a point of discourse for adults and community.

In last 4 editions of the program, nearly 16,000 children and youth have participated in ArtBeat, 9 exhibitions has been organized across Pakistan, 10 workshops were conducted for children with senior artists and art students, and student’s artworks has been promoted to international art exhibitions




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