The Little Art is happy to welcome you all to the 11th edition of Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (LICFF) 2019, celebrating the experience of global cinema for children in Pakistan. This year we present an even more exciting program with some of the best films made for, by and about children and young people from around the world.

The rich experience that LICFF provides is most unique in terms of content as the worldwide selected films are specially targeted towards the social development of children and young people from 4 to 18 years. We believe that the children’s cinema is a magic, which tells stories in a way that can affect the thinking processes of young minds, creating a real impact on their everyday lives. Such stories are told through the selected educational, entertaining and diverse films that LICFF offers from all around the world, enabling children to develop global perspective.

We offer a diverse selection of films appropriate for different age groups that are commercially unavailable even to cinemas and are made by independent film makers who understand the way children learn through media content.

This year 3137 films submitted from 114 countries and we are screening 111 world’s best films from 27 countries at the Festival.

Venue: Cinepax Cinema, Packages Mall, Lahore

Lahore: 30th Sep to 05 October, 2019

Morning Show Timings: (Only for School Groups)

1st Show (Group 1: Up to 7 years): 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

2nd Show (Group 2: 8-12 years): 10.45 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.

3rd Show (Group 3: 13 plus): 12.00 p.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Booking open for Schools/Groups/Individuals

Visit the official website for all booking details and complete program |

Program Brochure